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Who’s responsible for getting you better? You!

Who's responsible for getting you betterAt first glance you’d think a Chiropractor was responsible for these words. But they were actually written by a Harvard medical school instructor and practitioner in the late 1800’s. While this belief is trivialized today by the medical and pharmaceutical community, it remains the core foundation of the practice of Chiropractic.

Chiropractors humbly acknowledge that “the ONLY thing that can heal the body is the Power that created it.” The wisdom Dr. Cabot refers to in his quote is called Innate Intelligence by Chiropractors. It is the Power of Life that animates our cells, tissues and organs. It is the coordinating force that maintains our body’s intricate chemical balance. It silently and confidently orchestrates all steps involved in the healing process from mending a broken bone to putting cancer in remission. It is in favor of you living, rather than you dying.

Chiropractors are responsible for letting you know about this great force inside you. If you really want to know who’s responsible for getting you better from the weak state, chronic illness, incapacitating pain or depressing condition you first walked into a Chiropractor’s office with? Take a look in the mirror. It was the best doctor on the planet, the one staring right back at you that did ALL the work.