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Tips for a Healthy Holiday

We encourage you to consider the following tips to help keep you and your loved ones healthy, happy and safe this season: Treat Holiday Shopping as an Athletic Event TIP:  During the holiday season, people run at absolute maximum capacity, which can lead to stress and even depression.  Staying active, stretching and staying hydrated can help increase our full capacity, to help us deal with...
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The Top Five Reasons to Visit Your Chiropractor During the Holiday Season

dhw-5-reasons-to see your chiropractor
With the holiday season in full-force, more people than ever are facing the stresses that often come with this time of year. While you may be running around shopping, cooking and preparing to travel, it is important that you are also taking the time to care for yourself. There is a reason so many people get sick during this time of year. It is not because cold weather magically brings colds, it i...
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