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Discover Health & Wellness, Uptown

Still searching for a Chiropractor in Uptown? You can rest easy because you have found your office. Our Discover Health and Wellness Uptown location is located just off of 18th and Park Avenue. Our office serves the uptown and downtown Denver communities. If you are experiencing health challenges whether that be seeking pain relief or optimal health, our Chiropractic Uptown location may be able to help. The benefits of chiropractic are numerous and include having greater flexibility and being less dependent on painkillers and medication. Do you not feel as flexible as you used to? Do you find yourself spending more and more money being dependent on pain killers or medication? You may have found your solution.

Dr. Nathan WoodDr. Nathaniel Wood
Uptown Chiropractor

I am originally from Springfield, Missouri. My passion for wellness started in high school when I witnessed my dad go through a lot of health issues. A lot of them were preventable and after watching all the suffering he went through I made it my life’s passion to make sure not only that I wouldn’t end up in the same position but also to help others avoid it as well.

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