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The Golf Athlete’s Best Bet: 2017 British Open winner Jordan Spieth wins with sports chiropractic

westminster-colorado-chiropractic-athletes-back-pain-infographicCelebrating his 24th birthday on July 27th, Jordan Spieth has achieved what most golf pro’s hope to accomplish throughout the entirety of their careers.  When Spieth edged current world No. 1 Dustin Johnson by a stroke in the U.S. Open at Chambers Bay, he became the youngest champion in 92 years (Bob Jones), and the youngest to claim two majors – he won the Masters two months earlier – in 93 years (Gene Sarazen). After his remarkable three-stroke victory in the Open Championship last Sunday at Royal Birkdale, he joined Jack Nicklaus as the only players with three different major titles before the age of 24.

Jordan is an amazing athlete who has received Chiropractic care since he was 14 to prevent injuries and optimize overall health and athletic performance.  After he had won the 79th Master’s Tournament, at the Green Jacket Ceremony, he thanked family, close friends and his “team”.  He mentioned as a part of his team his Chiropractor.  Jordan understands that he would not play as well without a connected nervous system, and he is not alone. In fact most of the PGA professionals are under Chiropractic care and there are Chiropractors at all of the PGA events for the golf pros to use if needed.

Why is Chiropractic so impactful to golfers?  In the sport of golf, elbow pain is a common complaint among amateurs due to the lack of golf-specific flexibility. Many amateurs bend their elbow during the backswing, then hyperextend the elbow during the downswing.  For tour professionals, wrist injuries are prevalent, as players have to hit the ball where it lies, often out of deep and difficult terrain.

Another common complaint is back pain, the result of an inefficient golf swing that creates too much stress on the back. In a recent statistic, four out of five golfers experience back pain as a result of repetitive swinging.  Regular Chiropractic care helps alleviate back pain and greatly improves an athlete’s game.  Neck, shoulder, elbow and hip pain are also frequent complaints among golfers of all ages. Chiropractic care is an effective non-pharmacologic solution for golfers who seek to rid themselves of pain and have a successful and enjoyable game.

One of the most common things Chiropractor’s see in their clinics are patients who have worked hard their whole lives and who are now ready to retire and play golf, but their bodies just won’t let them.  By getting a spinal analysis and following a program of consistent chiropractic care, many patients are back on the golf course, feeling great, and loving their retirement.

Whether you are a weekend golfer or consider yourself a pro, stop by our office today for regular wellness adjustments that will help you on the course. Regular wellness adjustments will prevent pain and help relieve pain. Another added benefit of chiropractic care is that you may experience a better golf game, since a proper spine and posture can help you swing better and hit the ball straighter.

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