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Effective Home Remedies for Arthritis  

Effective Home Remedies for Arthritis  

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joint. This ailment combines a whole complex of various inflammatory-type diseases. At the same time, the joint disease can act both as the primary disease and as symptoms of another condition. With arthritis, multiple joints are affected. 

Symptoms of arthritis include pain and swelling in the area of the affected joint. In some cases, there may be redness on the sore spot followed by fever. Among the other causes of arthritis, the notable is the ingestion of infections, injuries, allergies, lack of vitamins, etc. There are many ways to help get rid of this disease.  

Folk remedies for arthritis are used by many healers. This is due to their relatively high efficacy of treatment compared with synthetic drugs. 

Among the most famous folk remedies for the treatment of arthritis are the following:  

  • Treatment of arthritis with mustard 
  • Spruce baths treatment with flax 
  • Pain relief with the help of marsh cinch-grass, cabbage leaves, honey, celery
  • Treatment of arthritis with herbs; and in many other ways 
  • Arthritis Treatment with Mustard 

This method of treating arthritis is quite widespread. It consists of applying mustard plaster on a sore spot to warm up the joints, thereby relieving the patient from pain.  

Spruce twig bath

Spruce is one of the folk remedies that can cure joint inflammation. It is necessary to fill spruce branches with hot water. Saw them and let them cool. In the resulting infusion, lower your legs or arms for about half an hour, then wrap up sore spots and lie down for about an hour in a warm bed. Such procedures can be repeated once every two days. The general course of treatment for arthritis is 5-7 such baths.  

Arthritis treatment with flax and bile

At home, inflamed joints can be treated with flax. To do this, dry roast the flaxseeds slightly, fold in a small cloth bag and apply to the sore spot. Traditional medicine distinguishes itself from the other treatment ways, which have received particular fame in the treatment of knee arthritis. To get rid of this disease, bile compresses applied to the sore joint overnight. After a few days, there will be a relief, and bouts of pain will go away.  

Arthritis treatment with marsh cow

Marsh sabelnik is an excellent folk remedy to cure sore joints. Take 100 grams of creeper and fill it with vodka (1 liter). Keep the infusion in the cold dark place for three weeks. Use the resulting mixture should be 3 times a day, one tablespoon before meals. Also, this tincture is necessary to rub the aching joints or to do it as compresses. Duration of treatment – until the tincture is consumed after a break of 14 days. It is enough to conduct several repeated courses to forget about arthritis for a long time.  

Arthritis treatment with cabbage leaves and honey

Cabbage is an excellent remedy to get rid of arthritis. It is necessary to cut the cabbage leaf in several places, hold it over a burning stove, under hot water or in the oven so that it is heated. After, without waiting until it cools, brush a warm leaf with a small amount of honey. The resulting compress to attach to the inflamed place, and on top of the cabbage leaf tie a woolen scarf or shawl. Just a few procedures are enough for the pain to go away, and freedom of movement will return.  

Getting rid of arthritis with chalk and kefir

Another way to get rid of arthritis is to use finely ground chalk, with a small amount of kefir. Apply this mixture on the sore spot. And, wrap it with a warm scarf or cellophane. Keep this bandage on all night. Just this procedure can alleviate you from pain.  

Arthritis treatment with celery

Celery is a seasoning and a beneficial product that can cure joint inflammation on your own at home. It is necessary to squeeze juice from celery, which they drink in a teaspoon several times a day.  Another way to prepare celery for the treatment of arthritis is the preparation of so-called custard celery. Pour a few tablespoons of chopped celery root with a few glasses of boiling water, leave the infusion for four hours, then strain the infusion and take one tablespoon several times a day. Also, celery infusion can be made in cold water in the same way. This tincture is considered similar to other tinctures on celery roots.  

Treatment of diseased joints with oats

The treatment of arthritis can be carried out with oats as follows. Fill one liter of water with about 200 grams of oats, which are not peeled, put it on low flame, evaporate about a quarter of a liter of water, and strain the resulting mass. Take half a glass of broth daily before meals.  

Herbal Arthritis Treatment

Treatment of folk remedies for diseases such as arthritis can occur through the use of various herbs. In summers, it is possible to put a coltsfoot on diseased joints, in the spring – burdock leaves, and in the winter – cabbage leaves. Such procedures are recommended for about 1 month. At the same time, despite its simplicity, this method is truly effective in treating arthritis.  

Arthritis treatment with an ointment made from medicinal plants

Sick and inflamed joints can also be cured with a specially prepared ointment from medicinal plants. For the preparation of such a healing balm, you will need eucalyptus oil, clover flowers, St. John’s wort flowers, as well as hop cones. To prepare the specified therapeutic ointment, you need to take a few tablespoons of these dried plants and mix them with fifty grams of vaseline, after which the mixture is thoroughly mixed. The resulting homogeneous mass can be used as a treatment for arthritis.  

Use horseradish, turnip, or radish to cure arthritis.

In folk medicine for the treatment of arthritis is often used a self-prepared mixture, which requires the roots of horseradish, radish or turnips. Twist the specified ingredients through the meat grinder. The resulting slurry can be applied to sore joints as compresses, as well as rubbed into a sore spot.  

Treatment of arthritis rubbing with Analgin

Popular folk remedy for the treatment of arthritis is alcohol rubbing, prepared based on Dipyrone. To prepare it at home, you will need 0.3 liters of alcohol, 10 milliliters of camphor alcohol and, 10 milliliters of tincture of iodine. Along with this use 10 tabs of Analgin. All the above ingredients must be thoroughly mixed and insisted in a dark place for three weeks. After, the tincture can be used as a usual rubbing for sore joints. This tool is quite useful in the self-treatment to cure arthritis.  

Salt compress for arthritis

Another reasonably sufficient way to get rid of arthritis is common salt, which can be used to quickly heal arthritis. To prepare the salt solution, you will need to mix 1 tablespoon of salt, 1 liter of purified water, 100 milliliters of ammonia, and about 10 milliliters of camphor alcohol. All of the above ingredients are thoroughly mixed until white flakes begin to appear, which are formed by combining these substances. Shake the mixture until the flakes disappear. Moisten the soft tissue with the resulting solution and apply it to the diseased joints, covering it with cellophane and a warm scarf. This popular method can be used several times during the day.  

How to get rid of arthritis with potatoes

To get rid of arthritis, you can use medicinal compresses from potatoes. Boil the potatoes in their uniforms, and then made from the resulting broth puree. Such a mixture should stand for some time. In this case, the starch will fall to the bottom, and the top will remain the healing layer, which must be taken orally several times a day in small portions (50-70 grams). This tool quickly eliminates the appearance of pain in the joints.  To summarize: there are many different ways to cure arthritis on your own at home. The above methods are not exhaustive and can be applied along with other drugs.


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