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Drivers need chiropractic

Drivers need chiropractic

Drivers-need-chiropractic-Everyone, regardless of their profession, should understand the importance of maintaining the nervous system for maximum health. However, there are certain professions that cause more subluxation to occur in the body than others. One of those professions is: drivers; truck drivers, bus drivers, couriers, commuters and more. Anyone who spends a significant portion of time driving in a vehicle knows that it can cause problems for your body. Most drivers think that they are only at risk from accidents on the road. What they do not understand is the damage that driving can cause in the nervous system.

If you look at a car seat particularly the driver’s seat you will notice that the seat has been designed to fit a spine, with curves in all the right places. That design is a great idea with many flaws. First of all we are all different sizes and shapes, and many of us do not fit that seats design. Secondly even if we did match the design, most of us don’t sit in the chair properly to take advantage of its ergonomic design.

Our bodies are not designed to be stationary… We are designed to move. We are like vehicles ourselves. Vehicles are designed to move and when they sit stationary for too long of a time many things within the engine begin to malfunction. Movement improves circulation and overall health. Sitting in a car for an extended period of time is uncomfortable and doing it repetitively (every day) can lead to improper posture, weak or at risk joints, muscles and ligaments and more. Driving is a stress on the body. Stress causes subluxation… Subluxation is what robs us of life and health. We’ve said it before but it is worth saying again: sitting effects your spine, like sugar effects your teeth. If that damage is not corrected (if teeth are not brushed, or if subluxations are not removed) the result is the same: rot and decay.

There are things you can do to reduce your risk. Sit back in your seat, and prop it upright so you aren’t slouching. Use a towel or other support device to fit your seat to you if you don’t fit it. Adjust your headrest properly. Plan stops into your travel so that you can get out and stretch. When it is safe to do so move the parts of your body that you can and don’t keep them in the same position for longer than is necessary. As always eat right get a good night’s sleep and exercise. Your body will heal its self and protect itself if you give it what it needs. Most importantly, correct the subluxations that prolonged driving can cause!

The most common complaints of drivers are by far low back issues, but shoulder and neck issues are high on the list as well due to the unmoving positions that are required for driving safely.

If driving is necessary in order for you to make a living it’s important to prioritize the maintenance of your vehicle. However, too often, drivers neglect to maintain the health of their own body. If you drive often or know someone who spends prolonged time behind the wheel, please share the importance of maintaining the body through regular on-going correction of subluxation.