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Dr. Phillip Wygonski

Dr. Phillip Wygonski

Doctor of Chiropractic
Discover Health and Wellness, Northglenn / Thornton

Dr Phillip Wygonski Northglenn ChiropractorI got into this profession because there is no better doctor then the one inside each of us. I believe symptoms are an expression of your body trying to tell us that something is not right. Most people weren’t born with their symptoms but they developed over time. I look to find the source and correct it if possible or refer out though our network of healthcare professionals. I promise to not waste your valuable time if you are looking for answers.

On days when I am not in the office I am spending time with my wife. We enjoy being active in the outdoors. We enjoy skiing during the winter months and mountain biking in the summer months. We also just bought our first house that is a fixer upper. All those HGTV shows made restoring a house look easier than it is.