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Dr. Nicholas Manteris

Dr. Nicholas Manteris

Doctor of Chiropractic
Discover Health and Wellness, Broomfield

Dr Nicholas Manteris Broomfield Chiropractor

Dr. Manteris is a professional and business owner with 20 years of committed experience to the health & wellness industry.  With a unique background as a personal trainer, physical therapy assistant and a chiropractor, Dr. Manteris is uniquely qualified to assess a client’s situation and develop a course of treatment – whether it’s centered entirely around a chiropractic adjustment protocol or recruiting other disciplines such as Functional Medicine, Pain Management or referring to other health specialties.

Timing is everything and Dr. Manteris acquired Discover Health & Wellness in Broomfield in September 2016.  Although he still loves the functional medicine model, he is currently focusing solely on curve correction of the spine through chiropractic adjustment, physical therapy and therapeutic massage.  Again, he has experienced great success with patients who have experienced personal injuries from life’s traumas to auto accidents.  It is quite rewarding to receive thanks for reducing headaches from a daily experience to maybe once a month and to remove pain a patient has experienced since high school.

With a passionate, life-long emphasis to serve those around him, Dr. Manteris continues to pursue further education and training to adapt to the changing health environment.

Equally important as his passion for health is his love of family.  Returning to Colorado with his wife (Wendy) and Yorkipoo (Delilah) allowed Dr. Manteris to again live near his mother, sister and her family. Enjoying hiking and exploring the mountain towns has literally been a breath of fresh air since returning to Colorado.