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Dr. Nathaniel Wood

Dr. Nathan WoodI am originally from Springfield, Missouri. My passion for wellness started in high school when I witnessed my dad go through a lot of health issues. A lot of them were preventable and after watching all the suffering he went through I made it my life’s passion to make sure not only that I wouldn’t end up in the same position but also to help others avoid it as well.

I have had several experiences with Chiropractic throughout my life, the most notable one that I can remember was when I went threw a major growth spurt when I was 7 or 8 and I could barely walk because of hip pain. My mom took me to a Chiropractor and after 1 treatment I was back on my feet and ready to go. Another experience I had was being in a car wreck while during undergrad. My brother and I were hit and Chiropractic was there to get us back to our optimum function after the accident. The thing that really put me over the top in knowing this is exactly what I wanted to do was right after I finished my undergraduate education. At the time I was heavily leaning towards Physical Therapy school. However, being a competitive and active person I am always looking for an outlet to fuel my competitive fire, this turned into weightlifting and CrossFit competitions. I was amazed at how much Chiropractic improved my overall performance and how much better I felt in my everyday life. It was then I realized that not only could Chiropractic keep me healthy and avoid the vast majority of chronic health issues but it could also optimize my performance in things I love to do.

I attended Chiropractic School at Logan University in St. Louis. Around this time I met the love of my life and we had my son. I ended up in Denver because we went on several trips to Colorado when I was growing up and fell in love with the mountains and Colorado’s active lifestyle and wanted to raise my family in an active community. I believe Chiropractic is the best way to achieve true health and maintain optimal function and improve performance in our everyday lives. Whether that be wanting to get off of medications or running a marathon, Chiropractic care is the key. My goal is to help change the way our world views healthcare and am excited to do this in Uptown and surrounding areas.