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Chiropractic on the green: Your Ace in the Hole

The tournament that gets inside a golfer’s head more than any other is The Masters Championship. Sure, there are other big tournaments, but there aren’t any that matter as much to those involved, or those that follow this beloved sport. If you can win only one tournament, you want to win the one at Augusta National.

Beyond the psychological element is the physical and conditioning aspect. If you’re looking to improve your golf game you can’t go wrong by making chiropractic care your partner on the golf course. Just look at the 2015 winner of The Masters, Jordan Spieth. He recently thanked his chiropractor – and here’s why.

Golf Back.  One of the ways you win at golf is to have flawless form – but achieving that form is easier said than done. According to the American Chiropractic Association, many of the 30 million golfers in the U.S. suffer from back pain. Why? The golf swing isn’t exactly a “normal” movement of the spine, especially the lower back.

One of the greatest things about golf, from a fitness standpoint, is all the walking involved. But one of the biggest challenges for your body in golf is … all of the walking! The hills, uneven ground and unstable surfaces must be traversed over the course of one round. Add to that, the torque to your body to salvage a bogey or bending over to pick up the rake after you’ve overshot the green, and one can see why it’s as hard on your back as it is your ego.

Chiropractic can also help improve the timing and coordination of all the joints and muscles that are involved in swinging the club. Remember, that the nerve signal is what causes the muscle to contract. The stronger the nerve signals the harder the muscles contract.  In order to get the most power out of your body the nerves cannot be pinched.

Add chiropractic to your golf game and level the playing field.  If your body is conditioned correctly and your spine is aligned, you greatly reduce your chance of injury. Seeing your chiropractor for spinal adjustments can help to keep your body functioning and moving optimally. Regular adjustments to your neck and back can also help that golf swing from having a negative impact on your health.

When you do get injured while golfing, chiropractic care can also help you to heal faster! An experienced chiropractor will adjust your spine and work on the tissue and surrounding joints in order to allow your body to do what it was meant to do – heal itself.

You don’t have to have aspirations of being a pro to be the envy of your golfing mates.  Instead, aspire to increase your mobility and reduce your pain while enjoying your golf game even more with chiropractic care. When you are finished with a day on the course you make sure your clubs are cared for, and put away properly, right? When you step off that course make sure you are caring for your back and body. Visit your chiropractor, and see what a difference you feel.


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