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Chiropractic care for whiplash

Generally whiplash is caused from a car accident or sports injury and is caused from rapid forward and backward motion of the neck. It can cause the muscles and ligaments supporting the spine to be over stretched or torn.

whiplash and chiropracticIt is important to get evaluated by a chiropractor following an accident even if you do not have any pain. One of the problems with whiplash is that the symptoms can take years to develop and too often people do not seek treatment until more complications develop. Statically 45% of people injured in a car accident settle with the insurance claims only to still suffer with symptoms up to two years later!

Normally with minor whiplash you will just feel soreness in the areas of trauma. If you don’t move these areas the pain will subside. However it can cause improper healing and even scar tissue to form, restricting movement permanently.

The doctor of chiropractic will typically check out your entire spine as a whole—even if you’re only complaining about your neck it may have affected other areas of your spine as well. You treatment plan will depend on the severity of your whiplash injury. Each case of is different.

Current research say that adjustments and exercise that focus on regaining function, is more effective than other types of treatments — Especially if the treatment is started as early as possible. Remember that “waiting to see” and taking painkillers is not the way to get rid of your neck pain.

If you have been in an accident contact us at Discover Health and Wellness as soon as possible from your examination.