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Can you “self-adjust” between visits?

This is one of the most common questions we get from patients and to answer it simply- No. Not even Dr. Wygonski can adjust himself.

Can you self-adjust between visitsMost people associate the “popping” or “cracking” noise as an adjustment. The adjustment is much more than that! This specific maneuver will either place a vertebra in the correct spot, or will help to restore proper motion to the joint. When you are forcing your back or neck to pop you really don’t know what bone you’re moving. You could be moving the bone further out of position.

Often people who pop their own necks or backs will do it very frequently. This is because that popping noise you hear actually releases endorphins, your feel good hormones. Those feel good hormones generally only last 15-20 minutes. After that they will feel the need to pop it again and thus creating the habit.

Ultimately Chiropractic Adjustments take years to learn and master and should only be applied by a doctor of chiropractic. Self-adjusting is not really an adjustment and you want to make sure to avoid the urge to do it.

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