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Our Approach

Here at Discover Health and Wellness, we firmly believe that you are not just a collection of isolated symptoms. Your body is made up of multiple systems that must work in harmony in order to function properly. We understand that lasting change requires a holistic approach – one that looks at and addresses all the areas that are impacting your health.

In our 18 years of practice, we’ve discovered that most health issues can be traced back to three main causes: Stress, chemical toxicity and undetected nerve damage. That’s why we take a multi-faceted approach that evaluates and treats each of these areas.

Correcting undetected physical trauma.

Correcting undetected neurological damage

Everyday living takes its toll on your nervous system. Poor posture, accidents, injuries and a sedentary lifestyle are all culprits that damage your spine and nerves. Over time, this damage is extremely destructive and is the cause of many health problems. Our comprehensive exams help uncover any problems and our results-driven care will bring your spine and nervous system back to optimal functioning.


Reducing the destructive effects of stressReducing the destructive effects of stress.

In our fast-paced world, stress is a fact of life. Left unchecked, it can wreck havoc on the body, taxing your adrenal glands. This impacts sleep, digestion, weight gain, hormones, allergies, immunity, heart function and more. We offer support for your adrenal glands with supplementation and diet and stress relief with therapeutic massage.


Removing unhealthy chemical toxinsRemoving unhealthy chemical toxins.

We are constantly bombarded with toxins – in the air, our foods and our water supply. To defend against this onslaught, our body surrounds these invaders in fat, where they are stored. This leads to weight gain, fatigue, lack of focus and a variety of other health problems. We help you rid your body of toxins with nutritional cleansing programs, then show you ways to minimize the amount of toxins you take in through diet and lifestyle changes.

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