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Meet the Docs

Dr. Keppen Laszlo

Founder and Executive Director
Discover Health and Wellness

Dr Keppen Laszlo Discover Health and Wellness

A passionate advocate for health, Dr. Keppen Laszlo is the Founder and Executive Director of Discover Health and Wellness. Setting out to change the landscape of healthcare by delivering patient-centered, results-driven chiropractic care, Dr. Laszlo opened the first Discover Health and Wellness office in 1999. The Colorado community embraced this approach, and today Discover Health and Wellness is one of the largest family of offices in the state.

After stepping into the wellness healthcare model, he learned that our modern model of health care of taking medicine and medications for health issues without addressing the source of our health challenges,  keeps us sicker, not healthier.  He learned that it is not okay with him for children, as young as four years old, can be  prescribed peppermint and vanilla flavored antidepressants.  He wants to share the message of Discover Health and Wellness which is Health Freedom.  He believes the DHW logo of the sunrise represents living a vibrant, amazing long life focused on quality,  not only quantity.

Dr. Laszlo also developed the non-profit organization, The Elevate Foundation, which is dedicated to the education of health and wellness across the United States. He is the best-selling author of the book Elevate – Self Awareness through Courage, Potential, and Fulfillment and a contributor to two New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestsellers.

He resides in Broomfield and loves spending his time with his beautiful wife, their two fabulous boys, and is on purpose to change the way the world views healthcare.

Dr Aaron Hancock Aurora Chiropractor

Dr. Aaron Hancock

Doctor of Chiropractic Discover Health and Wellness, Aurora

Dr. Aaron was born and raised in Rocky Ford, Colorado. He got his undergrad at Otero Junior College and Mesa State College. In 2007, after contemplating between medical school and chiropractic school, he decided to attend Parker University.

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Dr Nicholas Manteris Broomfield Chiropractor

Dr. Nicholas Manteris

Doctor of Chiropractic Discover Health and Wellness, Broomfield

Dr. Manteris is a professional and business owner with 20 years of committed experience to the health & wellness industry.

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Dr. William Leach

Doctor of Chiropractic Discover Health and Wellness, DTC

For most of my life I really had no idea of what chiropractic care entailed.  I graduated college with a degree in Engineering and for most of my young adult life,  I had experienced constant mild back pain.

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Dr Andrew Hanson Denver Chiropractor

Dr. Andrew Hanson

Doctor of Chiropractic Discover Health and Wellness, Denver

It is my life’s passion, my pleasure and my mission to give Denver residents the chiropractic care they need and deserve.

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Dr Dale Zagiba Littleton Chiropractor

Dr. Dale Zagiba

Doctor of Chiropractic Discover Health and Wellness, Ken Caryl

I am originally from New Jersey, but spent most of my childhood in North Carolina. I was inspired at a young age to become a doctor. My uncle was paralyzed from a neck injury sustained in a pool diving accident, this began my fascination for spine and healthcare.

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Dr Braden Teets Lone Tree Chiropractor

Dr. Branden Teets

Doctor of Chiropractic Discover Health and Wellness, Lone Tree

When I was 16 years old, my life changed. I was an all-county cross-country runner, but one day during a training run I had a back spasm so intense it made me drop to all fours and took me out of that day’s workout.

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Dr Phillip Wygonski Northglenn Chiropractor

Dr. Phillip Wygonski

Doctor of Chiropractic Discover Health and Wellness, Northglenn / Thornton

I got into this profession because there is no better doctor then the one inside each of us. I believe symptoms are an expression of your body trying to tell us that something is not right.

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Dr. Jennifer Allen

Doctor of Chiropractic Discover Health and Wellness, Uptown

As a practitioner I am dedicated to helping people reach their highest level of human potential and life expression through natural, restorative approaches to health.

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Dr Cameron Hall Westminster Chiropractor

Dr. Cameron Hall

Doctor of Chiropractic Discover Health and Wellness, Westminster

I am originally from West Virginia so I am a mountain boy. I grew up in the ski industry and that is where I first encountered chiropractic. As a Senior Ski Patroller, I was on my skies for up to 10 hours a day.

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