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4 New Year’s Resolutions Your Chiropractor Can Help You With

The big feasts have been eaten and digested, and Christmas is over. There are leftovers, though, from 2018: your shiny new holiday gifts… and the New Year’s resolutions you made for 2019. If you’re like a lot of people out there, some of your resolutions involve getting healthier and living better. How can you do this? Go to a chiropractor.

Yes a chiropractor! Sure, your New Year’s Resolutions may not be “straighten out my back” or “reduce my sciatica pain,” but a chiropractor can help with the most common New Year’s resolutions on anyone’s list. Let’s look at some of the more common resolutions, and see how Discover Health and Wellness Aurora can help!

Eating Right

How can a chiropractor help you with your diet? By giving you the plans and foods that fit your situation, symptoms, and health goals. Chiropractors are best known for cracking backs and adjusting your spine, but Discover Health and Wellness Aurora offers dietary plans, supplements, and other options for patients who are seeking different types of health benefits.

Losing Weight

At Discover Health and Wellness Aurora, you may be given specific diet recommendations for a healthy lifestyle. In addition to a diet, our experts may take you through exercise therapy or suggest an exercise routine that you can perform at home to help you burn calories and fat while staying strong and preventing future injury. These routines will also help you keep the weight off.

What about solutions other than diet and exercise? After all, both of these changes can be achieved without the help of a doctor who specializes in back pain. So let’s talk about chiropractic adjustments. When your spine is misaligned, you are more likely to put on weight. Chiropractic adjustments have the following benefits relating to diet and exercise:

  1. Without spinal pain, exercise is easier and you are also able to exercise for longer.
  2. Alignment in the spine promotes flexibility, further aiding your workout.
  3. A more relaxed spine allows your body to heal and prepare itself between workouts.
  4. Adjustments have been known to promote toned muscles and smaller adipose tissues (the tissues that store excess fat).

Saving Money

Whether or not your insurance covers chiropractic treatments, making an appointment at Discover Health and Wellness Aurora is an investment that will help your budget in the long run. We work to avoid expensive surgeries or medications that will continue to tighten your budget for years and years. We focus on a more natural and holistic approach – one that works toward relief for our patients without high hospital bills or invasive procedures.

Improving Your Quality of Life

All of the above resolutions lead to everyone’s overarching goal: to improve the quality of their life and bring more happiness to their days. When you live without the pain of backaches or the fear of harming your health, you will be able to go out, enjoy activities, and spend more time with family and less time worrying about your health.

Want more information about how you can reach your New Year’s resolutions and relieve your back pain symptoms without the costs and stress of medication or surgery? Give us a call today or request an appointment online!