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Patient Appreciation Day

Discover Health and Wellness Patient Appreciation Day at Coors Field We want to thank all the patients from all of our 8 locations who came out to our patient appreciation day at Coors Field on Saturday, September 16. It was a spectacular event with many highlights;  we had over 150 people in attendance, weather was perfect, we saw a beautiful sunset and the Rockies won 16-0!  The best part of al...
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You are what you eat: Incorporating nutrition and chiropractic

The body is innately intelligent and designed to be not only self-healing and self-regulating, but also a vehicle to harbor all of life’s unlimited potential.  In order to receive the full potential of a chiropractic adjustment as well as food, one should lead a lifestyle that includes proper sleep, hydration, a positive mental attitude, and most importantly, proper nourishment and nerve suppl...
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The mountains are calling: Hiking Your Way to Health

The fall colors that Colorado is known for are just a few short weeks away.  The aspen leaves on the mountainsides draw hikers and visitors from around the globe.  However, the cooler weather and impressive scenery offer more than just a workout for your eyes! As autumn’s outdoor temperatures begin their gentle slope toward winter, it’s a chance look forward to opportunities for vigorous cardio...
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Stress and Degenerative Disease

Every day a vast majority of people in the United States are in a state of worry: about money, children, jobs, a spouse or significant other, or hundreds of other things or events, whether they can be controlled or not. Some people are very aware of the strain and tension in their life, but many live with stress that cannot be seen, or are unwilling to admit. Daily life continues for these worrie...
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